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Alas! Another Train in Sight!

Suddenly they heard the sound of a train coming from Lucknow. Ramaprasad was
frightened for a moment. He trembled at the thought of the moving train colliding with the train they had stopped. He would be responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent men, women and children. What a dreadful sin! Fortunately, there were two lines at that place. When he saw this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

But what if the driver of the moving train stopped it? Or, suppose the driver and the
guard lying on the ground stopped the train by raising alarm! The passengers also might shout for help and stop the train.

All eyes were on Ramaprasad.He ordered, "Stop firing. Turn down the pistols.

Do not strike the box. Ashfaq, wait a little." The few minutes were like an age. The fast moving train passed by on the other lines.

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