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Independent Life

So far as money was concerned, Ramaprasad's family faced a very grave situation. One sister was old enough to be
married. But even satisfying the needs of life was a problem.

Therefore Ramaprasad devoted his attention to the affairs of his family. At first he tried to reorganize his publication venture and earn some money. It did not work well.

With the help of some friends he became the manager of a factory. With a steady income his financial position improved.

Gradually he turned to the reorganization of the revolutionary movement also, but all
over the country, the non-cooperation movement was gaining ground. Moreover, there was a dearth of ability among those who volunteered to lead the revolutionary
movement. On the whole revolutionary activities had come to a standstill.

Ramaprasad arranged to get some capital and started a silk weaving factory. He worked devotedly day and night. In a matter of a year and a half his factory established itself. The capital of three or four thousand yielded a net, profit of two thousand. During this period he married off his last sister to a Zamindar. His mother wished that he should also marry. But he was not prepared to marry until he could stand on his own legs.

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