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A Cowherd -Writer

He spent that night with a friend and then went to Lucknow. He gave a detailed report of the incident to the othermembers of the revolutionary committee. He wandered in a forest for a while gloomily and then went to his mother. Hearing the woeful tale of her son she suggested that he should go to the relatives in Gwalior State.

In the meanwhile the police had filed a case against him. They asked Muralidhar to surrender his son; they threatened his property would be confiscated. He sold his
property for whatever price he could get and went away with his family to join his son.

During this period when he was in hiding Ramaprasad became a farmer. He took to
agriculture and animal husbandry. But above all he learnt to express his revolutionary ideas in literature. He trans- lated many Bengali works into Hindi. He wrote original works, too. He had to take the cattle out to graze. He then carried writing materials with him. He would allow the cattle to graze and he would settle down in the shade to write. Thus he wrote 'The Bolshevic Programme,' 'A Sally of the Mind,' 'Catherine' and 'Swadeshi Rang' and translated two works. He translated 'Yogic Sadhana' of Maharshi Aurobindo. All these were published in a series called 'Sushil Mala'. 'Prabha', a periodical run by Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, used to publish his articles.

In the year 1919, when the First World War was over, the Government of India changed its policy towards the revolu- tionary and national movements. Political cases were withdrawn. Political convicts were released. Ramaprasad returned to Shahjahanpur.

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