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Guru Somadevji

Ramaprasad was greatly influenced by the principles of the Arya Samaj. So often there were heated debates between him and Muralidhar. The angry father turned his son out of his home. Ramaprasad moved about for two days in a nearby forest and returned to Shahjahanpur. He was standing at a meeting organized by the Arya Samaj, listening to a discourse. Two men who had been sent by his father caught hold of him and took him to the Head Master of the Mission School in which he was studying. That Christian gentleman advised both the son and the father to behave better. Then Muralidhar realized that it was impossible to mend his son by beating him.

The young, followers of the Arya Samaj banded together and established the Arya
Kumar Sabha. They began to organize meetings and processions. The police feared that this might lead to a clash between the Hindus and the Muslims. So the government banned meetings and processions. The elders in the Arya Samaj were also dissatisfied with these young men. They turned Kumar Sabha out of their quarters. The Sabha remained active for some months and then faded out. But during that short period the  Arya Kumar Sabha of Shahjahanpur earned a good name by its good work.

At that time, Swami Somadevji, a leader of the Arya Samaj, came down to Shahjahan- pur and stayed there to improve his health. He had become extremely weak because of much loss of blood. Young Rama- prasad devoted himself to the service of Swami Somadevji.

Swami Somadevji was a great patriot and a scholar. He was proficient in Yoga too. He gave Ramaprasad advice on matters of religion and politics. He suggested some good books for Ramaprasad to read. Under his guidance Ramaprasad's views on religion and political subjects grew clearer.

In the year 1916, Bhai , Paramanandji was sentenced to death in -the Lahore Conspiracy case. He had written a book with the title 'Thavasiq Hindu'. Ramaprasad read the book   and appreciated it immen- sely. He came to admire Paramanandji. When he heard about the death sentence, his blood boiled and he took a vow that he would settle scores with the British Government for this great injustice. He told Guru Somadevji about his vow. The Guru remarked, "It is easy to take a vow but hard to keep it." Then Ramaprasad touched the feet of Guru Somadevji and declared, "if I have the grace of these sacred feet my vow will surely be fulfilled; nothing can come in the way." This was the first step in the revolutionary life of Rama- prasad.

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Ramaprasad Bismil - A Brave revolutionary, who gave up his life for the sake of motherland
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