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Sale of Banned Books

The Indian National Congress was to meet in Delhi. Ramaprasad felt that it would be a
good opportunity to sell the remaining copies of 'How Did America Attain Freedom? ‘An ambulance team was sent to Delhi on behalf of Shahjahanpur Seva Samithi. Volunteers of the ambulance team could move about freely. The book had been banned by the United Provinces Government, hadn't it? The young men of Shahjahanpur used this very fact to advertise the book. They kept crying: "How Did America Attain Freedom' - the book banned in the United Provinces" and began to sell the books.

This drew the attention of the secret police and they surrounded the Congress camp.
They began a hunt for the young men who were selling the books. As soon as Ramaprasad got scent of this he ran to the tent where the books were stocked. He
wrapped them up in his big over coat and, displaying the red badge of theambulance,
walked on with the bundle. He was in the uniform of a volunteer of the ambulance team and walked right into the Congress camp right under the nose of the police. The police could not enter the Congress camp without the permission of the Reception Committee. Thus all the copies of the book were saved. Later they were sold.

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