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After Mahatma Gandhiji withdrew the non- cooperation movement in 1921, the
revolutionary movement regained strength. An all-India revolutionary party called 'The
Hindusthan Republican Association' was formed.

In the United Provinces (the Uttar Pradesh of today) too the revolutionaries re- organized themselves. A call went forth to Ramaprasad,too. He asked for six month’s time, to establish his business on a firm footing and make it over to some reliable person. Within that period he made over his business to a friend and turned again to revolutionary activities.

The revolutionary movement had the support of the people.There was no dearth of workers.But lack of funds haunted them. It became exceedingly difficult even to provide food and clothing to members who devoted their entire life and energy to the institution. Collection of weapons was next to impossible.

Disappointed young members used to come to Ramaprasad and ask him, 'What next, Panditji?" He would feel unhappy at their miserable plight. But what could he do without money? So he concentrated on collection of money.

They resorted to dacoity and looting in one or two villages. But a hundred or two hundred rupees they secured could not be of much use. Another thought troubled
Ramaprasad. Who, after all, were the victims of these dacoities? They were the villagers who were also Indians. The dacoits might have acted with excellent intentions.But what was the good of getting money, by harassing our own brothers?

Immersed in such thoughts, he was travelling one day by a train, which was going from Shahjahanpur to Lucknow. At each station,when the train halted he would get off and move about on the platform. He observed that at each station the StationMaster brought bags of money and put them in the Guard's carriage. There was no special guard to protect themoney. Ramaprasad noted that it was the eight down train.

A plan to secure money for the revolu- tionary activities gradually took shape in his head.

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Ramaprasad Bismil - A Brave revolutionary, who gave up his life for the sake of motherland
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