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In The Shadow of Death

When he returned to Shahjahanpur from Delhi, he learnt that the police were on the look out for him and his friends. Because of a quarrel between two members of the
revolutionary committee, the police had been able to get details of their arms dump. As this internal quarrel took place at Mainpuri, the case was conducted there and came to be known as the Maitipuri Conspiracy case.

As soon as Ramaprasad learnt about this, he left Shahjahanpur with three friends. They wandered here and there for some time and reached Prayag. There they camped in a choultry. Heated arguments developed among them about the future course of action. His friends felt that there was one coward in the group; they feared that, if he were arrested, the police would learn all their secrets. Their solution to the problem was to kill that member. Rama prasad did not 'agree. So the friends were now angry with him.

One evening, all the four went for a stroll to the banks of the river Yamuna. Rama prasad bathed and sat down for his evening prayers. One friend said, "Rama prasad, sit near the river." Ramaprasad was sitting on a mound. He began his prayers there. The friends sat down near by. As, with his eyes closed, he was immersed in prayers, he heard a whiz and was startled. A bullet whizzed past his ear. Opening his eyes he reached out for his revolver and turned back. Another friend was about to shoot. By the time Ramaprasad took out his revolver, two more shots rang out. As his revolver was in a leather case he took some time to take it out. By the time he stood up with his revolver, his friends had run away.

Ramaprasad was stunned and frustrated, when he realized that a serious attempt had been made to kill him. The bullet had passed within a foot from him. If he pursued the friends, bloodshed was certain. Moreover he was one against three. He would have to collect his supporters before making a move.

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