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The Fearless Hero

There were three prominent traits in Rajaji. The first was fearlessness. Never would he refrain from saying or doing what he thought was correct because it might displease someone or it might be unpopular or those in power mightbecome angry. When he was yet very young, he was an admirer of a Swamiji by name Sahajananda, who was a Harijan. When the Swamiji came to Salem, Rajaji and his friends arranged a dinner for him. Some orthodox persons became wild with anger at this, and they ex-communicated Rajaji and his friends. The priests would not go to their  Houses to officiate at religious functions. But Rajaji remained undaunted by any of these things. When he went to Bombay in 1941, he had to face a black- flag demonstration against him. Some threw stones at him in the public meeting. But Rajaji did make his speech. In just a few minutes, there was calm and the people listened to him.

Rajaji had unflinching faith in Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy and principles. He always followed them. He was also very close to Gandhiji. When an association was started in Madras to explain to the people, the philosophy behind Gandhi’s method of Satyagraha, Rajaji was chosen president of that body. Gandhiji was very happy when he heard of it. Of curse, Rajaji was not a man to accept the ideas and views of others without examining them. Gandhiji so even with the ideals preached it.

When the question of dividing the country arose, every Congress leader opposed it. Still Rajaji supported the demand for Pakistan. He kept aloof from the 'Quit India' movement started in 1942 to get the country's independence from the British. He was the only leader who did not take an active role in that movement. So he resigned from the Congress in 1942. Some accuse him of being the cause for the rise of Pakistan. He had to face the hostility of the people who thought that he supported the creation of Pakistan. It became difficult for him to speak in meetings. Quite a few leaders also criticized him harshly. But Rajaji faced not only harsh words but also stones, and justified opinion.

At the time Rajaji started the Swatantra Party, the Congress Party and Jawaharlal Nehru had tremendous influence in the country. But Rajaji did build this opposition party. And till his last day, whenever he felt that either the ruling party or very popular leader like Nehru was making a mistake, he roundly condemned it.

During the Second World War (1939-45), when it seemed the Japanese would bomb Madras in 1942, the Governor of Madras fled the city. The people also started appealed to them. This is our country, not of the British. They may run away. But in those days of run a teashop in the Hindi Prachar Sabha Bhavan.

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