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A Child of India's Culture and a World Citizen

Rajaji was a child of Indian culture. At the same time he saw all mankind as one family. It seemed to him that selfishness and foolish notions of prestige blinded the powerful nations of the world. They were madly making most modernized weapons of mass destruction. They would plunge themselves and the whole of humanity in misery. Even in extreme old age, Rajaji tried to prevent this.

Rajaji was grieved that freedom did not bring happiness and joy to the people of India; he was unhappy that the greed for money and power was ruining national life. He was the center of a hundred controversies. Different people may find this or that view of Rajaji unacceptable. But there can be no difference of opinion that Rajaji was the most brilliant leader of India in the twentieth century, and one who spoke fearlessly for the weal of India and the World.

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Rajaji - A Leader gifted wiht amazing intellectual brilliance
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