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Simple Life

Rajaji lived in an utterly simple way throughout his life. He had inherited property. Within a couple of years after enrolment as a lawyer, he was earning two to three thousand rupees a month. But he lived a very simple life. He never left the path of virtue. His life was dedicated to righteousness. He was like Bhishma in 
righteousness, and in statecraft like Chanakya.

Rajaji always wore Khadi. He firmly believed in the need to use Khadi and Swadeshi articles. Even when he was in prison, he used to spin for a few hours every day. As for his clothes, he wore a dhoti, a jubba (a loose, long shirt) and a shawl on his shoulders. That was all. And he wore dark glasses. He had to wear them always because of some eye ailment. Someone once asked him about it. Rajaji humorously said, "When I meet anybody, I must look at him well and know about him. But he should not see in my eyes what I think of him. So I wear these dark glasses."

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