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Against Untouchability

Rajaji held that the removal of Untouch- ability was very important. He admitted Harijans to the "Gandhi Ashram" which he founded. His cook was a washerman.

Once it happened that a Harijan devotee entered a temple. He had religious ash- marks on his forehead and arms and was singing hymns. Some fanatics prosecuted him in a court of law. Reading about it in the newspapers, Rajaji was pained. He took up his case in the court and argued on his behalf.

In those days Harijans were not allowed to enter temples. Rajaji tried very hard to see that" a bill removing this disability was passed in the Madras and Central Legis- latures. But he did not Succeed. Rajaji was the first to work for legislation for the removal of Untouchability. He had to face intense opposition and many obstacles. But he was undaunted.

Rajaji never cared for caste restrictions. He gave his daughter Lakshmi in marriage to Gandhi’s son Devadas.

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