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Like many a great person, Rajaji also could foresee the future. Even when he was in prison in 1921, he wrote in his diary; "Freedom will come; but immediately thereafter or even for a long time it may not bring the people happiness or a good government. As soon as freedom comes, there will be a scramble for electedplaces; in its wake will come corruption, injustice and the wickedness caused by money and an inefficient administration. The life of the people will be like hell. Many will feel that the older regime, which was comparatively more just, efficient and honest, was better. What we get from our independence will be only freedom from indignity andslavery. Our future lies in making our youngsters good citizens by giving them from early days an education, which is likely to create good conduct, righteousness and mutual love. If that is not done, it is certain that they will be crushed under the wickedness of injustice and wealth."

Many of Rajaji's ideas deserve serious consideration.

Rajaji had something interesting to say about celebrating birthdays. He felt that in our country we went too far in the matter of celebrating the birthdays of grown-up persons. Suppose we admire a leader we celebrate every birthday of his-the fifty- second, the fifty-third, the fifty-fourth and so on. Is this quite necessary? Suppose we celebrate his 50th birthday, his 60th birthday, his 70th birthday and so on. We shall be honoring him once in ten years. Is this not enough? It is different withchildren. There is nothing wrong in observing it every year for a little one. But there is certainly no propriety in observing the birth anniversaries of our grown-up leaders every year as we may do for children. We do go too far in declaring holidays. We seem to think that the best way to show respect for a great person or a great event is to give up work on that day. The folly is self-evident.

Rajaji never sought fame. He did not attach any importance to it. He knew that he was not exceptionally popular; he knew that quite often those who agreed with his views were very few. Once somebody mentioned this to him. Rajaji replied,"Our ancient sages did not give up their firm belief in their ideals just because they did not have many followers".

Some persons once went to Rajaji to discuss with him about the celebration of Gandhi’s birth centenary. Rajaji said, "But we do not see Gandhiji in the political, social or economic spheres in the country. In this state of affairs you are thinking of celebrating the Gandhi birth centenary. You are brave men!" There was a touch of humor, but the pain in his mind was obvious.

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