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The third important trait in Rajaji was his service-mindedness. He had become quite rich while quite young. If he had continued as a lawyer and had not entered politics, he could have been very wealthy. He could have led a life of luxury. He gave up such a career for the sake of the country. He went to goal five times. Another Congress leader, Kaleswara Rao, has narrated how he became the Chief Minister of Madras. Rajaji never wanted any position. Vallabha Bhai Patel himself suggested that Rajaji should be the leader of the Party. "I do not want all that," said Rajaji. He just would not listen. Kaleswara Rao became angry. He said, "It is now your duty to lead the Party. If you do not wish to do your duty, why are you here? You can go anywhere.Go to theHimalayas. But this is not the place for you. Yes, please go away." Rao was shouting in fury. Finally, with great effort, Patel had to persuade Rajaji. As Governor General, he had held the highest position in the country. Any one else in his position would have said, "I was the Governor General of India. How can I accept a lower position?" But Rajaji had no such thought. Hebecame a Central Minister and later the Chief Minister of a state. When he felt that his work was over, he promptly laid down office. When he started the Swatantra 
Party he was a very old man. He wanted no position for himself. Building up a new party meant hard work, he could expect no personal gain. But he felt that in a democracy there should be a strong opposition party. If there is no such party, the Government will Becomeirresponsible. So he started and nursed and built up the new party.

It was only once that Rajaji went outside India. Representing the Gandhi Peace Foundation, he visited Britain and the United States of America in 1961.

At that time, he was 83 years old. The old sage went out only to utter a few words of wisdom. Powerful nations of the world were competing among themselves; they wanted to make atom bombs and even more destructive weapons. Rajaji was troubled. He thought that if it went on, all mankind’s would be destroyed. So he wished to warn that even the mostpowerful nation must consider the welfare of humanity at large. He went as the leader of a mission, which wanted to appeal, that suicidal atomic experiments should stop. He talked to the then President of the United States, John F.Kennedy, for forty-five minutes. Kennedy later said that the discussion brought him the great influence of a pure and gentle culture.

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