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‘Krishna, Let There Be War’

According to the conditions of the game of dice, the Kauravas had now to return half the kingdom of the Pandavas. Shri Krishna himself was to go to Duryodhana on their behalf. Yudhishthira repeatedly told Krishna – "Please prevent a war. We are not worried if we do not get half of the kingdom. Five villages are enough for us. But let there be no war. Please prevent the death and injuries, the terrible loss, and all the sorrow and the suffering."

Bheema, Arjuna and Nakula also agreed with him. Only Sahadeva wanted war. Draupadi was great pain, remembering all the trouble and insults she had to suffer ever since she married the Pandavas. She said "Krishna, has any other woman suffered as I have? Did not that Dusshasana pull at my saree in the full court, before the Pandavas themselves? Did not those wicked fellows call me a slave? If you have any affection for me, be angry with those Kauravas. Don’t you forget my plait, with which Dusshasana dragged me. If the Pandavas will not fight with the Kauravas, then my old father, my brother and my sons the Up-Pandavas, and also Abhimanyu – these will fight with them. With a fire burning in my heart these thirteen years, I have waited for this day. How can my heart grow cool if I do not see Dusshasana’s arm cut off and rolling in the dust? Krishna, don’t talk of peace, but decide on a war."

Draupadi’s eyes seemed to dart fire. Krishna consoled her – "You will see the wives of those who insulted you shedding tears. The time has come for the punishment of the Kauravas."

So saying he left for the court of the Kauravas on his mission. But his negotiations failed.

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