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Queen Of the Pandavas

The Pandavas returned home from the Swayamvara hall. With joy they shouted to their mother, "Mother, we have brought a priceless gift." Kunthi who was inside the house, replied, "Divide it equally among you."

A mother’s words must by obeyed. So Draupada was worried. Then the great sage Vyasa said the Draupadi was born to be the wife of the five Pandavas. He said the power of her goodness had brought the Pandavas alive from the burning palace. Draupada was satisfied.

The marriage took place with great splendour in the presence of Shri Krishna. Draupadi became the wife of the five Pandavas. Bheeshma, the eldest of the royal family of the Kurus, and Drona, the royal teacher, were both very happy. They told Dhritarashtra that the Pandavas were still alive by God’s grace; they advised him to give them half the Kingdom. The Kauravas outwardly seemed to be glad.

The sons of Pandu now got their kingdom. They made the city of Indraprastha their capital. After some time they thought of performing the great Sacrifice (Yaga) of Rajasuya. A huge and wonderful hall was constructed. The beauty, grandeur and decoration of the assembly hall for the Yaga made a visitor speechless with wonder.

Shri Krishna personally supervised the performance of the Rajasuya Sacrifice. The Kauravas has no mind to see the splendour of their cousins. Still they also attended. Unfortunately Duryodhana was put to shame there. In the new palace he took a pond for polished floor and fell into the water. Draupadi laughed at this. The eyes of the Kaurava King grew red like fire. Further on he saw the floor shining with high polish and thought it was a pond; so he lifted up his clothing that it may not get wet. Again there were waves of laughter. Duryodhana burned with shame. And he vowed punishment.

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