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‘Only After You Are Punished……’

Still Duryodhana’s pride would not come down. "What if the saree has become endless?" he said, and patting his thighs, again taunted, "You are a servant in my palace."

Insult after insult! Draupadi’s wrath raised its hood with a hiss and cried for revenge. She cursed him in anger: You will die with a broken thigh." She shouted at Dusshasana: "Only after you get punished for this sin, I will tie up my hair. Not till then."

The court trembled at her terrible oath. The earth shook. Comets filled the sky. There were ill omens on all sides.

Bheema, who had the strength of a hundred elephants, had so far kept quiet because of his elder brother. Now his rage knew no bounds. And he thundered – "I will beat this sinner Duryodhana’s thighs into pulp. And I vow to tear open Dusshasana’s breast and drink his blood."

Bheeshma and Drona cautioned Dhritarashtra – "Why do you keep quiet even after listening to the wickedness of your sons? You have heard the curse of the pained heart of the very virtuous woman, Draupadi. It might mean the end of your line."

Dhritarashtra was also afraid. He said to Draupadi, "You should not have been shamed thus. You are indeed a good and righteous woman. Ask of me any boon."

Draupadi asked for the liberation of her husbands. Dhritarashtra returned their kingdom also and tried to console them.

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