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The Unforgettable Heroine

Usha’s mother came to the end of the story of Draupadi. Usha sat quiet, her mind still full of the story. Her mother said, "Usha dear, it is not money or position that makes any one great. No one in this world can escape troubles and difficulties. Draupadi was the queen of the five Pandavas. Subhadra was Krishna’s sister and the wife of Arjuna. Even they had to suffer so much. One has to develop the strength to bear the trials of life. We should resolve firmly not harm the good people, and not to bend before the wicked. Draupadi was of course a woman. But she became as famous as the heroic Pandavas because of such determination and her devotion to Krishna. Her personality was one of lighting and thunder. She had a resolve that would not cool off after thirteen long years of suffering, and also sympathy for Gandhari after all was over. She is in no way less than Bheema of Arjuna in strength and spirit, valour and virtue. Is it not so?"

"Yes, mother. Listening to this story, I have so much sympathy for Draupadi and so much of admiration. I am filled with wonder for her remarkable personality. What a great story you have told me today, mother! I must remember this story and turn it over in my mind again."

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