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The Great Stake

After a few days Duryodhana sent an invitation to Yudhishthira to play dice. Yudhishthira was very fond of gambling. But he was no expert. Shakuni, a supporter of the Kauravas, was a very experienced player. So what else could happen? Yudhishthira went on losing. He offered his chariots, horses and elephants as stakes and lost them; lost his royal treasures; offered all his servants as stakes and lost them; and lost his kingdom also. Finally he and his four brothers became the slaves of the Kaurava King.

And yet again Shakuni said, "This is the last game. If you win, all that you have lost so far, everything will be given back to you. Offer Draupadi as the stake. Win back your kingdom and all."

Yudhishthira was drunk with the excitement of gambling. He did not pause to think how wring his action was. Like all gamblers he only said, "Yes." The dice were thrown. The Kauravas won.

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