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Draupadi’s Only Shield – God’s Grace

Duryodhana burst into a wicked laugh. "Who’s there? Draupadi is now my servant. Drag her here," he ordered.

The Pandavas felt as if their hearts were stabbed. They bent their heads in shame. Yudhishthira now knew what an unjust action he was guilty of. But it was now too late and regret was of no use.

Draupadi was in her queenly apartment. Duryodhana’s messenger went and told her, "Yudhishthira has lost you n a game of dice, and Duryodhana has won. So now, you must serve in Dhritarashtra’s palace."

Draupadi was dazed. She said, "Can anyone offer his wife as a stake in any gamble? Further. If Yudhishthira had lost himself earlier, then he had no right to offer me as a stake. Did King Yudhishthira first offer himself or me as a stake? Find out and come back." The messenger returned to the court.

Hearing his words, Duryodhana was very angry.

"A servant woman should have a short tongue," said Duryodhana.

You go and drag her here by the hair," he told Dusshasana.

By nature this Dusshasana was wicked. And now he was ordered by his elder brother. So what could check his arrogance?

He dragged Draupadi by her hair to the royal court.

And Duryodhana taunted her, "Yudhishthira lost everything. Finally he staked you also. You are now my servant."

It was a crowded royal court. Many were the elders in it – like Dhritarashtra, Bheeshma, Drona , Kripa and Vidura. Draupadi looked at them all with eyes eager for help. But no one spoke.

All the elders were silent. The subjects were stunned. Her husbands sat with their heads bowed.

"Where righteousness and justice do not exist, it ceases to be a court; it is a gang of robbers," said Draupadi.

Dusshasana grinned and uttered wicked words.

Bheema was like a volcano now. He thundered in anger, "I will burn the hands of Dusshasana."

The old sire Bheeshma advised Duryodhana and said, "Do not disgrace the royal family of the Kurus."

But Duryodhana gave only a cruel laugh. And he ordered Dusshasana – "A servant need have no queenly robes. Snatch her saree.

Dusshasana should have respected Draupadi, his sister-in-law, like his own mother. But the wicked fellow began to pull at her saree.

Draupadi’s weeping and wailing would have moved a stone to mercy. She begged all the elders to protect her. Tearfully she told them, "To be dishonoured is to die. Please save me." She turned to the five Pandavas and said, "My father had faith in the strength of your arms and gave me to you. In an open assembly I am being dishonoured, but you sit with folded arms. Are you not ashamed?"

But all her words were useless. She was the daughter of King Draupada; she was the wife of the Pandava heroes who defeated all other Kings and performed the great Rajasuya Sacrifice; an empress in truth. But when she was being insulted and dishonoured in the open court, there was no one to protect and help her.

Draupadi wept and sobbed – "O Lord Krishna! You are always kind to your worshippers. Please do not forsake me, whoever may do so. O Protector of the helpless! You are my one help!" She closed her eyes; her mind fixed on Lord Krishna.

O Wonder of wonders!  Draupadi’s saree became endless. Dusshasana went on pulling her saree. The sarees rose in a heap. Dusshasana’s hands were tired.

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