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‘We Are in the Jaws of Death’

Duryodhana took away the kingdom of the Pandavas and sent them to the forest. But still he had only one thought day and night – how could the Pandavas be put to more trouble? Once the sage Durvasa went to him. Duryodghana treated him with great courtesy and hospitality. The sage was highly pleased. Then Duryodhgana requested a favour – that Durvasa with hundreds of his disciples should go the forest and ask for the hospitality of the Pandavas. Durvasa agreed.

Accordingly the sage with hundreds of Bramins went to the Pandavas. Yudhishthira greeted them respectfully and requested them to accept his hospitality. Durvasa Rishi agreed. He went with is disciples to have his bath and offer worship before the meal. But Draupadi was in fear. She had also finished her meal. How could they feed and satisfy hundreds of hungry persons now? Durvasa Rishi was well known for his terrific anger. If he opened his eyes in rage, he would burn the victi9m to ashes. So now Draupadi could turn only to Lord Krishna, she offered prayers in her mind – "O Krishna, only you, and no one else, can protect us. Save us !"

And behold, Krishna himself stood before her! He said, "I am hungry. What will you give me?"


Draupadi was overjoyed that Krishna had come in answer to her prayer. But her vessel was empty. What could she give? She said, "Krishna, we are in the jaws of death." She told him of the visit Durvasa with his disciples and her helplessness. Krishna said, "Bring your vessel; here." Draupadi fetched the cleaned and bright vessel. Somewhere inside the vessel there was a small fragment of a vegetable. Krishna put it into his mouth. He said his hunger was satisfied.

The sage Durvasa and Brahmins were returning, after bathing in the river Yamuna. All of a sudden, everyone felt as if he had a sumptuous meal with many delicacies. Durvasa Rishi blessed the Pandavas. "Your righteousness will always protect you," he said.

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