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The Vile Jayadratha

But Draupadi’s troubles were not yet over. Jayadratha was the king of Sindhudesha and was married to Dusshale, the daughter of Dhritarashtra. He too had gone to Draupadi’s Swayamvara and was unsuccessful. He could not get her by valour. He thought she could be attracted by riches. He cunningly waited for a time when Draupadi was alone. He went to her heaped before her a pile of costly jewels. Draupadi rejected everything. Jayadratha forced Draupadi into his chariot and sped away. The sages nearby ran to Bheema and Arjuna and informed them. They were greatly enraged and followed the chariot at once. With a single stroke Bheema brought down the enemy. But Yudhishthira asked him not to kill Jhayadratha. Bheema kicked Jayadratha and allowed him to run away.

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