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The Architect of Liberty

It was Jijabai's strong wish that her son should become a great hero. She wanted him to put an end to the shameless life of the Marathas and begin a new chapter of liberty and self-respect. Now a son had been born to her. It was her duty to mould his nature and to make him the savior of his country. She had a high sense of self-respect, a heart as strong as steel, and a deep religious consciousness. With these virtues she seemed born for such a difficult and sacred task.

Shahaji arranged to send Mother Jija and Shivaji to Pune with Dadaji Kondadev. Pune was then a small village. It had been completely destroyed by the attacks of the forces of the Nizamshahi, the Adil Dynasty and the Moguls. Not a single holy shrine was left standing. The idols had been broken to pieces. Under the able administration of Kondadev, Pune was rebuilt. It was fortunate that Dadaji was there to assist Jijabai.

In the midst of corrupt officers Dadaji earned a good name as an honest and straightforward officer. At a time when even men in high places silently suffered disgrace and humiliation he gave protection to the common man. He also narrated to the boy Shivaji stories of the past glory of India and the deeds of ancient heroes so vividly that they were printed on his mind.

Under the orders of Jijabai many temples were built in Pune. Shivaji's education was mostly in her hands. Listening to stories selected from the immortal epics of India, namely the Ramayana, the Mahabharatha and the Bhagavatha, from the lips of his dear mother was a part of young Shivaji's daily life. As he listened to the accounts of the exploits of Sri Rama, Hanumantha, Krishna, Abhimanyu, Arjuna and others, the mace, the bow and shafts seemed ever before his eyes. Whenever any holy men came to Pune Mother Jija used to make Shivaji offer them service. There great refinement, their teachings and blessings infused new strength into Shivaji's body.Under the able administration of his Guru Dadaji and in the cool shade of Jija's culture, superhuman strength grew in him. The Mavale boys became his friends. They were poor but loyal and they became his intimate companions. He played with them the game of building forts and laying siege to them. Mother Jija's strict discipline and her regard for justice became the very breath of Shivaji. Even as a boy Shivaji issued orders for cutting off the hands of the sinner who slaughtered the sacred cow. He sentenced to death a man who insulted a woman.

Pune acquired a new look after the arrival of Mother Jija. She laid foundations for the prosperity of the neighboring villages by her orderly administration. She herself settled disputes and meted out justice in the open court. Shivaji used to sit with her on such occasions. He had lively discussions with her. He was particularly interested in political matters and exchanged views with his mother. He watched Dadaji Kondadev at work and learnt much.

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