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Jijabai Becomes Maloji's Daughter-in-law

Immediately after he got the huge wealth, Maloji began to think of the future. He bought one thousand horses of the finest breed from Sheshova who was a merchant friend. He built up a powerful army of one thousand soldiers. His influence grew in the neighboring regions. More and more villages began to serve Maloji with great respect. Maloji, now a very rich man, could have led a life of pleasure and ease. But he had a clear and high ideal before him. He had to accomplish a great deed. Maloji knew that a selfish man would not be honored. Only those who gave they’re all - body, mind and wealth - to the service of others were honored. So he used his wealth for noble purposes. He built free lodges for travelers and dug wells. He also renovated temples and mutts. He arranged for the poor and the needy to be fed freely. He renovated the famous temple of Ghrishneshwara at Velur. He constructed the large tank at Shinghanapura. And so every one was full of praise for Maloji.

Maloji's fame reached the ears of Jadhav Rao. His wife Malasabaj had a high appreciation for his personality and valor. His acts of generosity and charity deepened her affection.

Jadhav Rao was a proud man. His pride in his rank had not

diminished. Maloji now owned a contingent of two thousand horses. His army numbered three thousand-horses and soldiers.

He began to give Jadhav Rao pinpricks. He also made serious attacks on the Nizamshahi. Gradually Maloji grew more and more powerful. The Nizam, too had some idea of his courage and strength. He wanted to make Maloji somehow or the other one of his Sardars so that his state might be secures. He conferred the title of 'Mansabdar Raje', the Commander of twelve thousand horses, on Maloji. He made him the Sardar of the villages around Shivaneri Fortress. Now Maloji became 'Sardar Maloji Rao Bhosle'. The Nizam also Compelled Sardar Jadhav Rao to give his consent to the marriage of his daughter Jija with Maloji's son Shahaji. 'No doubt Maloji had won his aim. But Sardar Jadhav Rao nursed his anger. His hatred for Maloji increased as Maloji's strength and fame grew.

Maloji breathed his last at the age of seventy. Shahaji Raje succeeded his father as Sardar and continued to serve the Nizam.

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