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'I Must See an Independent Emperor'

When he left Jijabai in the woods, Shahaji had asked one of his trusted soldiers by name Sreenivasa Rao to hide himself near by. This person took Jijabai safely to Shivaneri.

Jijabai was the very embodiment of self-respect. She had the courage to face any difficulty. She was pained at the sight of holy places and secret shrines in ruins. She now-lived in luxury; she had pearls and diamonds, palatial mansions which offered every comfort, servants and workmen, elephants, horses, palanquins and wealth. But she cared for none of these.

She used to sit before the idol of Jagadambe, lost in thought. She prayed to Her, "Oh Rudramba, give me the strength of one of your arms. Put an end to the pride of the Marathas in the service of others. I want to see an independent and powerful Maratha Emperor shining in the glory of his own flag and his own army. Grant that my wish may be fulfilled!"

What a vision! If the Nizam had come to know that such a woman lived in his own kingdom,he would have ordered her house as well as the whole town to be burnt to ashes. A sovereign Hindu throne in the Kingdom of the Nizam! Absurd and impossible!

But Jijabai was discontented. She was indignant with the Maratha Jagirdars and Sardars. Had they no sense ofself-respect in them? Men without any knowledge of their religion and culture! Men without any anger for the shame heaped on them! What kind of Sardars are these who cannot protect their own motherland and religion!

The time needed a hero like Sri Rama to organize and lead the sturdy but ignorant Maratha Mavalas to fight against the Sultan. If only such a hero was born..!

Jijabai loved the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. She had heard the stories of heroines like Draupadi, Kunthi and Vidula. They affected her in a peculiar way. Oh, if only she could give birth to a son like Bhima or Arjuna! How blessed she would be! How she pined for such a son! Would Goddess Thulaja Bhavani be able to fulfil her wish?

It was a matter of great sorrow for Jijabai that Shahaji was serving the Nizam. But this did not affect her love for him. In every way she was the light of his house. But her mind boiled at the thought of the servility of the Marathas.

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