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Devi's Blessings

It is said that on the very next day Maloji had the proof of the blessing of the deity. The following night Maloji went towards his fields in a bullock cart, along with his brother, Vithoji. They wanted to keep watch over the crop on that moonlit night. The hours passed. It was midnight. Vithoji fell asleep. But Maloji did not get sleep. Before his eyes he could still see the very form of the goddess he had seen in his dream. The words of Jadhav Rao were piercing his mind. He was restless. He got up and with a spade in his hand he began to dig a mound in his fields.

As he dug with great force, the spade struck something, and there was a metallic sound. Maloji became curious. He dug out the earth and looked - there was a large pot glittering in the moonlight. The pot was full of gold mohurs to the brim. Seven pots followed one another. Tears of joy welled up in his eyes. He offered silent prayers to his family deity. Now the treasure had to be carried home before daybreak. He woke up his brother Vithoji. When Vithoji saw the treasure he danced with joy like a mad man. Together they managed to carry the seven  huge pots of treasure home in a cart. They offered worship to the Goddess of Wealth, with great joy.

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