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Pining For A Heroic Son

Jijabai was studying the most intricate political problems in the company of elderly and experienced politicians and diplomats. She had acquainted herself with the state of her country and of the world. She could see the poor brave Maratha Mavalas trembling under the highhanded rule of the Sultanshahi. She only wished to have a son who had the strength to bring them together.

Perfect arrangements had been made to look after Jijabai who was pregnant. Everyone was eager to fulfil every wish of hers. But she had unusual wishes. Pregnant women usually want sweet dishes or perfumes or delicious drinks. But Jijabai desired none of these. She wished to climb up to forts on tops of hills, to wield swords, to discuss difficult political questions and to put on mail and ride on horseback. The most amazing thing was that she wished to fight armed, with tigers.

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Jijabai - Mother Of Shivaji who was the protector of the country
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