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A Burning Heart

Like his father, Shahaji was courageous and diplomatic. He was known as a seasoned politician and warrior. Though he had married Jija, his relations with his father- in- law had not improved. There was hatred between the two families. Jadhav Rao could not bear the growing fame of his son-in-law. As time passed he left the Nizamshahi. He joined the Moguls in order to revenge himself on his son-in-law. He spent his entire life in this attempt Jija was filled with sorrow over the enmity between the two families. And she was also unhappy because both her father and her husband were spending their lives in the service of the Muslims. Jija's heart had become a volcano. She had a strong love of liberty. The benevolence of the Nizam or the Moghuls to the Maratha warriors seemed to her like fetters of gold. Her own husband was one of them. The very thought of their humble and helpless condition burnt her heart with fires of fury. But she was helpless. As a model housewife, she had to put on a calm appearance. It is not that Shahaji could not understand his, wife's displeasure. But tie could not do anything single-handed. He had to bow his head to circumstances and serve his master with loyalty.

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