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An incident took place while Jija was in Pune. Maldar Khan, a close associate of Shahaji, came to Pune. At that time Shahaji who had given up his service under the Nizam, was living in Bangalore in the service of the Moghul King. Maldar Khan came to Pune under the pretext of trying to win over Shahaji to the side of the Nizam again by appointing him to a high office. He tried to meet Jija Matha. She knew him and agreed to give him audience. Maldar Khan took this chance to deceive her. He captured Jijabai and kept her prisoner in Pamalghar. Sardar Jagdev Rao came to know of this. He was furious. Fortunately Shivaji was then at Shivapuri. Therefore he escaped. Jagdev Rao had friendly relations with the Nizam. The Nizam feared that he might rebel in his anger and join the Moghuls; so, to please him, the Nizam agreed to set Jijabai free. After she was set free Jagdev Rao arranged for her safe stay in Gandapur. Jijabai was a proud woman and a woman of firm resolution. This incident affected her deeply. Shahaji also came to know of this. The efforts of Dadaji Kondadev and Vishwas Rao brought back the Jahagir of Pune to Jijabai the danger that threatened Pune was thus averted.

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Jijabai - Mother Of Shivaji who was the protector of the country
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