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Her Father Prisioner

In the meanwhile the Mogul Emperor Shahjehan invaded the Nizam's dominions. At that time there were only two brave Sardars on the side of the Nizam - Mallik Amber and Shahaji Raje Bhosle. Just at this time Mallik Amber passed away. So the entire responsibility fell on Shahaji. Then Shahaji was in the fort of Mahuli. Taking advantage of this, Jadhav Rao joined the Moghul army against the Nizam and lay seize to Mahuli fort.

Shahaji fought heroically for six months and saved the fort. The father-in-law himself had set out to destroy the son-in-law. At that time Jijabai was also in the Mahuli fort. In the midst of all this a plot was brewing against Shahaji in the Nizamshahi. Shahaji did not receive timely help. He had no choice. He secretly left the fort with Jijabai. As soon as he heard of Shahaji's escape Jadhav Rao pursued Shahaji. Jijabai was then in the fourth month of her pregnancy. As her horse raced down the dangerous slopes she suffered much. She got off the horse and said to her husband, "My Lord, the enemy is quite near. I cannot move. Going at this pace may prove dangerous. Leave me here and go. Do not be worried about me." Shahaji realized the seriousness of the situation and rode on.

In no time Jijabai fell into the, hands of her father. After all she was his daughter. She was also with child. Observing her condition, Jadhav Rao said, "Jiju, my child, why do you suffer so much? Go at once to my house in Sindhkhed. I will arrange for a palanquin."

Jijabai was the wife of a hero. How could she relish such suggestions? She answered her father fearlessly: "Baba Saheb, you still wish to be revenged on the Bhosle family, don't you? Here I stand before you. You may fulfil your desire. I have no business in your house. On the very day I got married and crossed the threshold of your house and stepped into my father-in-law's house, I ceased to belong to your family. Now I am the heroic daughter-in-law of -the Bhosle family. The bread prepared out of husk in my husband's house is more tasteful to me than the cakes of pearl in your house. I shall die as a heroic wife of the Bhosle family."

When he heard these words, Jadhav Rao was filled with fury.

He roared like an angry lion:

"Jiju, do you know before whom you have been blabbering?"

Jija answered with equal resoluteness, "Yes, I do know it. I have blabbered in the presence of a friend of the Moguls, and an enemy of the Marathas - in the presence of one whom is an avowed enemy of my husband. Father, what do you take me for? Do you think that I am still a little child? A Maratha woman is not afraid of any one but her husband. Go at once. Capture your prey and win a prize from the Moghuls. After all, that will be the glory of your life, will it not? Why are you standing still? I do not need your protection. Look, there is the fort of Shivaneri. That is my home. I will spend my days in the worship of Jagadambe, the Mother of the Universe!" So she insulted him to his face. The father was speechless. She appeared like Durga Devi, the Goddess of Power. Thinking it was meaningless to remain there any longer, Jadhav Rao went away.

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