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A New Path

Bankim Chandra struck a new path in the realm of novels. Until then a novel was
generally a cock and bull story, full of unbelievable incidents. 'Durgeshanandini' broke this tradition. It began a new trend. The story by itself was very interesting. At the same time it was about persons like us - good persons and bad persons, short- tempered persons and patient persons. Moreover what happened to thecharacters, who prospered and who suffered was no longer the most important thing to the reader. He began to ask himself: why did this happen this way? Who was right? Who was wrong?' People no longer read novels just to kill time. In addition to entertainment the novels taught people
to think objectively.

The other notable contribution by Bankim Chandra is, of course, 'Vande Mataram.' It
became the sacred battlecry of freedom fighters. It became such a source of inspiration that the British officers were enraged at the very mention of this. People were sent to prison just because they sung this song.

'Vande Mataram' has an honored place in independent India. It keeps bright in the
hearts of the people the ideal ofdedication to our country.

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Bankim chandra - One of the greatest Novelist of India who gave the people the sacred 'mantra' - 'Vande Mataram'
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