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Bankim Chandra worked in the field of journalism too.

Those were the days of few journals. He felt that there was need for a journal offering variety of reading material. The periodical should, of course, publish stories and novels, but it should publish articles on modern science; it should also include articles, which stimulate thinking. So in April 1872 he brought out the first issue of 'Vangadarshan'.

In the very first issue of Vangadarshan' Bankim wrote: 'I have no ill feeling towards
either English or Englishmen…........It is very good to study English as much as
possible………(but) pure silver is better than gilt brass……A true Bengali is better than one who poses as an Englishman .......

Bengal will not progress as long as educated people and scholars do not express themselves in Bengali.'

Thus one of the aims of Bankim was to interest people in science and in the problems of the progress of their society and their country. It was a time when educated Indians spoke only English instead of their own language. So Bankim Chandra wanted to foster the love of the Bengali language in the educated Bengalis, and to make them share their   knowledge with others through their language. This was his second aim.

Rabindranath Tagore has said that 'Vangadarshan' was like the first rains of the month of Ashadh. This month of the Indian calendar falls in June-July. Its first rains bring a new liveliness to nature. Vangadarshan' created such a liveliness in Bengal. People eagerly looked forward to its issues. Besides, Vangadarshan' made possible the publication of numerous stories, poems, novels, plays and articles of criticism; it also paved the way for later journals.

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