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Undoubtedly Bankim Chandra's most famous novel is 'Anandamatha.' But he wrote several other novels which delighted the readers. One of them is 'Durgeshanandini'.

Mandaran is a fortress, and Veerendra Simha is its lord - the 'Durgesha'. His daughter Tiiottama is the Durgeshanandini. She is the heroin of the book. Jagat Simha is the hero. His father Mana Simha, though a Rajput, is employed in the army of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Jagat Simha happens to see Tilottama near Mandaran. He wishes to marry her. But Veerendra Simha is his enemy. How can he marry his enemy's daughter? Naturally the story is full of obstacles, intrigues and dangers. A new character,' Ayesha, is introduced. She is ready to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of others. The novel ends with the marriage of Jagat Simha and Tilottama in Mandaran.

'Durgeshanandini' was first published in 1865. It was so popular that it had to be
reprinted thirteen times in twenty-eight years.

As was said earlier, Bankim wrote novels about the people around him. One such novel was 'Vishavriksha'. This was Bankim's first social novel. Govindpur is a village in the district Haripur. Nagendra is the rich landlord of the village.' By chance he meets a young woman named Kundanandini. She is an orphan. Nagendra offers to look after her. He arranges for her marriage with Taracharan. Within three years after the marriageTaracharan dies and Kundanandini is again alone. So Nagendra has to look after her again. Heera, a jealous woman, is a schemer. Because of her, Nagendra, Kunclanandini
and Suryamukti (Nagendra's wife) - all undergo much suffering. Nagendra's wife dies in despair.

'Vishavriksha' means the poisonous tree. The tree of poison of this novel represents the anger and the desire for comfort found in every man. This tree grows within anybody. If the mind is firm the tree cannot grow there. It grows when the mind is weak. If a man cannot develop strength of mind, if he cannot control desire and anger, he will be unhappy and he will make others unhappy.

Only three of Bankim Chandra's novels have been discussed here. But several of his novels like 'Kapalkundala' and 'Devi Choudhurani' have been very popular.

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Bankim chandra - One of the greatest Novelist of India who gave the people the sacred 'mantra' - 'Vande Mataram'
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