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A Great Writer and A Great Teacher

In any list of good writers of India, Bankim Chandra is bound to find a high place. Most of his writings are in Bengali. But they upheld Indian culture. He wrote excellent books on Hinduism and critically examined its teachings. He offered his own views on
necessary social reforms; he explained the mental attitudes necessary for the country's progress. Several people opposed him and many laughed at him. His views on Lord Krishna were resented by orthodox people. But Bankim Chandra did not budge. He courageously continued on his own independent path. Most of the educated people were attracted to the ways and fashions of the. English and to the English language. To such people he declared that no man, however highly educated, need be ashamed to use his  own language. He declared that people could progress only through their own language. We need not hate any language; we ought to use every language to add to our storehouse of knowledge. But if we are to progress there is only one royal road - and that is our own language and no other.

He is one of those who stimulated in Indians the desire for independence. His writings brought home to people the meaning of nationalism. 'Anandamatha' is a magnificent novel of noble patriotism.

Every noble character created by a storyteller or a novelist or a dramatist is his
deathless contribution to his country. Bankim Chandra created quite a number of such personalities in his works. He stands out as one of those who shaped literature.

In 'Anandamatha' Bhavanancla says, "Our Motherland is our Mother. We have no
other mother, no father, no wife, no children, no home and no family; we have only this

Sujala, Suphala, Malayajasheetala."

In the same novel Shanthi says to her husband, "My Lord, you are my Guru. Can I teach you your sacred duty? You are a hero. Need I teach you the way of a hero? Let us now chant Vande Mataram'."

Men like Bhavananda and women like Shanthi live for ever in our hearts. It was Bankim Chandra who created such characters. With him let us consecrate these sacred words in our hearts:

Vande Mataram!

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Bankim chandra - One of the greatest Novelist of India who gave the people the sacred 'mantra' - 'Vande Mataram'
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