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Bankim Chandra the Writer

In due course Bankim Chandra emerged as a great writer in Bengali. He wrote novels and poems. He wrote articles, which stimulated impartial thinking. He became well known outside Bengal, too. His novels have been translated into many Indian languages.

How did he become such a great writer?

He was an exceptionally intelligent man. He read with interest books by established
authors. And he used to say that his success was also due to the blessings showered on him by elders. Bankim Chandra regarded his parents with deep reverence and devotion. Whenever he went on a pilgrimage he would wash their revered feet and take that sacred water.

There were other factors, which helped in his writing. He belonged to an orthodox family. So he was familiar with the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha right from his childhood. These epics made a lasting impression on him. A variety of experiences - some of them sweet, and some bitter - came to him in his life. And these must have been stored in his memory. Bankim Chandra had traveled widely. He worked in several offices. So he came across many types of people. They were of different kinds'- some good, some bad, some humble, some snobbish, some intelligent and some dull. This vast knowledge of life and men is very well reflected in the characters he created in his novels.

When Bankim Chandra started writing, there was a new spirit, an awakening all over Bengal. People thought along new lines. The conditions of our country must improve; we must realize ourshortcomings and improve ourselves - such were the thoughts of the people. Some persons toiled hard to translate these wishes into action. Raja Rammohan Roy was one such reformer. He worked for a new system of education, for a free flow of  new ideas from outside the country and to wipe off the blind beliefs of the people.  Another great son of Bengal, Ishwara- chandra Vidyasagar, worked for the progress of Bengali language and society. Many were the people who worked with similar ideas to improve the country. Patriotism grew stronger and a new enthusiasm was in evidence every where. Thus the very atmosphere was inspiring.

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