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An Undaunted Officer

Bankim Chandra was appointed Deputy Magistrate. He was in Government service for thirty-two years and retired in 1891. He was a very conscientious worker. Most of his officers were Engl&men. They were a proud lot for they were the ruling power of this country. Bankim Chandra never sub- mitted to their proud, unjust or stubborn behavior. Wasn't he the author of the inspiring and patriotic 'Anandamatha' and the song Vande Mataram'? He was true to their spirit. He would resist any unjust person and teach him a lesson. Because of this some of the British officers were displeased with him and he had to face their hostility. They harassed him. Bankim Chandra bore everything with patience. He worked hard and with integrity. Yet he never got the high position that he so much deserved!

Bankim Chandra would never sacrifice justice or self-respect. The arrogance of the white men never frightened him. When he was a Deputy Magistrate there was a superior officer named Munro, who was the Commissioner (the head of the province). Bankim Chandra met Munro near Eden Garden once. A British officer in those days expected any subordinate Indian official to show him respects by bowing modestly before him. But Bankim Chandra just walked past Munro. Munro was enraged. He transferred Bankirn
Chandra to a different place.

There were many such incidents during his service. His self-respecting behavior angered the British officer. As a result he was often transferred from place to place and much harassed.

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