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Unhappy at Home, Too

His official career was full of such troubles. There were also some unhappy incidents in his personal life. Bankim Chandra was married when he was only eleven and his wife was five years old! Within a year-or two of his appointment as a Deputy Collector at Jessore he lost his wife. Bankim Chandra was only twenty-two then. The death of his young and beautiful wife made him very unhappy. After some time he married again. His second wife was Rajalakshmi Devi. They had three daughters but no son. Bankim Chandra's youngest daughter Utpala kumari is said to have committed suicide.

When he was in Jessore Bankim Chandra met a person by name Deenabandhu Mitra. He was a renowned Bengali dramatist of the time. They became very great friends. Bankim Chandra dedicated his 'Anandamatha: to the memory of his dead friend Deenabandhu Mitra.

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