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The Ashram

An Ashram was built for Ramana Maharshi on the top of the Mount and was named 'Ramanashram'. It was the result of the devoted efforts of the disciples of Ramana who came to stay with him.

Niranjanananda won the affection of all the ashramites. In course of time the number of people living in the Ashram increase. A temple was also built there. The Ashram progressed rapidly. Not only people from all parts of India but also people from abroad began to pour into Ramanashram.

The number of disciples seeking advice and help from Ramana in their spiritual life grew day by day.

A gentleman by name F. H. Humphry was his first Western disciple. He came to India in 1911, to fill a high post in the Department of Police at Vellore in Madras State. He was keen to study the Principle of Hinduism. Ganapathi Muni directed 'him to Ramana Maharshi. His visits to Raman and talks with him solved all his problem,, and he attained peace of mind. He uses to visit the Ashram now and then, as on as he stayed in India, and to exchange thoughts with the Maharshi. He contribute articles in English to the 'Internation, PsychicGazette' about his experience with Ramana Maharshi and the Ramanashram. This helped to spread the fame of Ramana Maharshi quickly through out the world.

This was what he wrote about the Maharshi: 'A smile of Ramana Maharshi is exceedingly beautiful. No one can imagine anything more beautiful than that. It is sweet and joyous experience to be in hispresence for a while.'

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Ramana Maharshi - A Great Soul, who was full of compassion for all living being !
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