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Love For All Living Beings

Ramana Maharshi was full of compassion. He used to feel pity for the hardships of others. He was sympathetic towards those in sorrow. So at the very first meeting he became dear to them. He was the friend not only of human beings but also animals and birds. His Ashram would bring to memory the abodes of Rishis of bygone days. Cows, birds, monkeys and squirrels were his companions. He used to refer to them always as 'he' and 'she', but never as 'it'. The cow 'Lakshmi', was the great pet of everyone. Animals and birds used to be fed regularly at the Ashram. Whenever an animal or a bird died, the last rites were performed in all earnestness. Ramana Maharshi believed that, like human beings, animals and birds have life as well as joys and sorrows, and, therefore, they too should be treated with sympathy. This is a good example of his boundless affection.

Ramana Maharshi never left Arunachala till death came to him. His Ashram life was quiet and peaceful. Some of the visitors to Arunachala used to stay with him for a few days. Some others settled there. The Ashram grew extensively. Arrangements for sanitation and medical help and organization of board and lodging for the devotees, were all looked after by the disciples themselves.

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Ramana Maharshi - A Great Soul, who was full of compassion for all living being !
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