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Life In The Ashrarn

Many departments were opened in the Ashram. Among them, separate cattle- sheds,a school for the study of the Vedas, a Publications’Section and a temple of Sridevi were the important ones. Ramana -Maharshi was never inactive. He used to be ever active. He himself attended to every piece of work from proof-correction to Ashram correspondence. He took interest in all the activities of the Ashram.

Ramana Maharshi found it delightful to go round Mount Arunachala. He had cultivated a garden of flowers, fruits and vegetables in a part of the Ashram. He would not allow even a single article of the Ashram to be wasted. The peels of fruits and vegetables were given as food to cows. All the members of the Ashram were treated as equals. The same food was served to all. The Maharshi also sat for food along with others. He never wished to be shown special regard.

The Maharshi was an embodiment of nonviolence. The way he treated the thieves who broke into the Ashram is an example of it. He would pity the bad men who did evil to others. He often used to say the it was not wise to break the teeth just because it bit the tongue in ignorance His conviction was that the wise should not punish bad people but should correct them by gentle persuasion.

He would not allow even birds and animals to be ill treated in the Ashram. Once while he was tending a dying monkey, it bit his leg, and he was wounded. He did not become angry or unhappy. The great love he bore towards the animals made him forget the pain of the wound.

When the cow Lakshmi died, Ramana Maharshi sat by her side and wept, as though she was his mother! It is said that one day when he was sitting on a rock in Mount Arunachala, a serpent passed over his thighs. Somebody, who observed this, asked him: "Did you not experience fear as the serpent moved across your body?" Ramana replied with a smile: "No. I had the feeling that some thing cool and soft was moving on my body."

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Ramana Maharshi - A Great Soul, who was full of compassion for all living being !
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