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What Courage

Devotees used to pour in for 'darshan' from five o'clock in the early morning. Then there would be the chanting of Vedic hymns for some time. After breakfast at seven, Ramana would move about for an hour on the Mount and return. At eight, he would sit for meditation along with the devotees. Normally he would not speak to them. But if the devotees expressed some doubt, he would give them suitable replies.

Meal would be over by eleven. After that, till two o’clock in the afternoon, there would be no activity of any sort. Again the devotees would begin to arrive for darshan and discussion, after which Raman would go again for a stroll for some time. That would be followed by chanitng for Vedic hymns. Supper would be over by seven-thirty. This was the routine in the Ashram.

Ramana Maharshi did not expound his teachings either in speeches or in books. He would give simple, direct, short and cleat replies to the questions put to him by his devotees. He used to guide his devotees. He used to guide his devotees always on the path of reason. His constant teaching to his devotees always on the path of reason. His constant teaching to his devotees was that the way to cleanse the mind of its impurities was meditation. According to him, the mind becomes pure by thinking over and over again about the source of evils.

In the ashram, all were welcome with out distinction of caste or religious belief. Whatever the caste or disease of the visitor, no one prevented him from entering the Ashram. Raman maharshi held that all were children of god.

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Ramana Maharshi - A Great Soul, who was full of compassion for all living being !
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