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Six months must have passed. A gentleman, Thambi Rangaswamy by name, invited the young sanyasin to go and stay with him. Venkataramana agreed. The gentleman had a garden called 'Brindavan' and he made the necessary arrangements for the sanyasin'smeditation there. His prayers and meditationcontinued undisturbed there. He could think deeply and meditate on God; and so, new knowledge dawned on him. Many problems had troubled his mind. What is God?

'What man means Soul? What is the relation between the Atman and the Paramatman (the Soul and God)? What happens to the Atman after the death of the body? Is the Atman also subject to death as the body is? Or is it immortal? Now he found answers to all these questions.

Venkataramana arose from the 'Samadhi' (or trance of contemplation); after this, knowledge came to him. He decided to suggest solutions to the problems of people patiently and to relieve their sufferings. His fame spread far and wide. The number of people visiting him grew. Pilgrims who came to the shrine of Arunachala came to pay him homage, without fail.

There was a mango grove very near Thambi Rangaswami's residence. Venkataramana resolved to stay there.

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