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The Boy Leaves Home

It was the 29th of August 1896 weeks had passed since his strange experience. He did not answer a question in the English class. So the teacher asked him to copy some passages from a text book of grammer three times. The boy wrote two times and then stopped. Understanding the uselessness of what he was doing, he threw aside the book and pen, and entered into meditation in the classroom. The teacher also saw it. What could he do with such a queer boy? The teacher sat dumbfounded.

Venkataramana resolved to go to Arunachalam. If he had informed the elders at home, they would certainly not have given him permission. Therefore, the only way open to him was to run away from

home without anybody's knowledge.,

He looked into the map and located the railway station near Tiruvannamalai. He needed three rupees to reach the place. The same day his brother had received five rupees from his mother to pay his (the brother's) college fees; he gave the money to Venkataramana, and asked him to go to the college and pay it. But Venkataramana told his people that he had a special class and left home that afternoon. Before leaving, he addressed a letter to his brother, which ran as follows:

'I have left to seek 'lather'. Nobody need worry about me. No money need be spent to search for me, no one should try to find me. I have not paid your college fees. I have taken three rupees out of the college fees, and the balance of two rupees is with this note.'

When Venkataramana left home, it was afternoon. He went straight to the Railway Station. Fortunately the train arrived late that day. Otherwise he could not have travelled that day. He bought a ticket for two rupees and thirteen annas (one anna is roughly six paise); he still had three annas.

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The boy entered into meditation in the classroom
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