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The Journey

Venkataramana boarded the train and sat in a corner. He had no desire to speak with anybody. But a Maulvi Saheb who sat beside him began a conversation. It was from him that Venkataramana learnt that it was possible to go upto Tiruvannamalai by train. As he had already bought a ticket,this information was of no use to him. He was hungry. He bought some fruits for half an anna and ate them.  

Early next morning he reached Viluppuram station. He had decided to walk the distance to Tiruvannamalai. He was very tired. He was hungry also. He entered a hotel on the way, and asked -if food was ready. He had to wait a long time for food. After food, he paid two annas to the owner of the hotel. But the owner asked him ho w many money ties had. The boy answered, "Two and a half annas." Probably the owner felt sorry for him. He did not take any money from him. He also listened to the boy's tale and suggested that it was better to reach Tiruvannamalai by train. So Venkataramana walked again to Vilup- puram station. With the money he had, he could travel upto Mambalapattu on the way. He bought a ticket and continued the journey. He got down at Mambalapattu. He had no money and had to continue the journey on fast. So he walked and walked, and by the, evening, he had covered ten miles.

Venkataramana was tired because of the long walk. By evening he reached a village called Arayininallur. There was a Shiva temple in the village. He entered the village temple and fell into meditation. He had a vision of divine illumination.

The priest of the temple observed the boy in deep meditation. As he had to Iock the door of the temple, he woke up the boy. The priest had to go to another temple at a. place called Kilur, three miles away to offer worship there. Venkataramana followed him to Kilur. He fell into mediator again in that temple. The priest woke him up after his worship, and took him to the house of a Sastriji in the village.

As soon as Venkataramana reached the house, he fell down in an unconscious state. A few minutes later, When he regained consciousness, a large number of people had gathered around him. All eyes were fixed o ' n him in curiosity. He drank a little water and felt revived. Sastriji served him food. After food he went to sleep.

Next morning he got up early. It was Krishna Janmastami day. Venkataramana was very eager to continue the journey. But he had no money. Besides, he was very tired. So he stopped in front of a house on the way.

The name of the owner of the house was Krishna Bhagavathar. Venkataramana, who was hungry, asked for a morsel of food. The mistress of the house was a kind lady. She felt happy and thought it a privilege to give food to a young sanyasin, and that too, on the Krishnastami day. That afternoon, Venkataramana partook of a feast in the Bhagavathar's house.

He had to continue his journey. But he had no money. He took off his earrings, gave them to the Bhagavathar, and requested him to keep them and give him four rupees. The Bhagavathar who examined the ear-rings, decided they were worth at least twenty rupees. He gave the boy four rupees, wrote out his own address on a piece of paper and gave it to him. He said to Venkata ramana, "Come and take back your ear rings at any time." The mistress of the house gave some sweets to the, boy, before he left. Venkataramana continued his journey. He tore to pieces the paper on which the address of the Bhagavathar was written, and threw them to the winds. He had no thought of taking back the earrings.

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Ramana Maharshi - A Great Soul, who was full of compassion for all living being !
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