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End Of Krishnavathara

Krishna spent many years in Dwaraka, with the Yadavas. But gradually the Yadavas grew arrogant and wicked. They began to insult the sages. They began  to think that they were unequalled in strength and that no one could check them.

Once they went to a holy place called Prabhasa. They enjoyed themselves and also drank heavily. They began to quarrel among themselves. They drew out  their swords. Krishna watched them and thought that they were going to become a menace to people, and that they were inviting their own destruction. True, they were all his relatives, and he had grown up in their midst. Krishna had no attachment which would blind him to the truth. The protection of peace and Dharma was paramount.

He thought that the Yadavas should perish in their internal quarrels. He made no attempt to save them. They fought among themselves and almost all the Yadavas lay dead.

The mission of Krishna's life had been achieved. The evil were destroyed and the good protected.  Krishna decided to leave the world. He sent messengers to bring the Pandavas. Sitting under a tree he began deep meditation and soon forgot the rest of the world.

A hunter came that way. He saw Krishna's foot from a distance and mistook him for a deer. He shot an arrow. The arrow entered Krishna's foot. The hunter ran to the spot and saw what had happened. He was shocked. Krishna comforted him and left the world.

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