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The Heroic Krishna

Rukmini was the daughter of King Bhishmaka of Vidarbha. She was as beautiful as she was good. She had fallen in love with Krishna. She had the blessings of her father also. But her elder brother Rukmi would not listen to her. He argued that Krishna was the son of a cowherd and belonged to a low caste. He decided that she should marry a king, Shishupala by name. Rukmini wept in misery and sent word to Krishna.

Krishna came to Vidarbha, put Rukmini in his chariot and made off for Dwaraka. Rukmi and his army set out in fiercepursuit of Krishna. He insulted Krishna. But he and his army could not face Krishna's arrows. Krishna felled Rukmi and went to Dwaraka. And there Sri Krishna and Rukmini were happily married.

We all love Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, don's we? We celebrate it with great joy.The festival of Narakachaturdashi marks the beginning of the celebrations of Deepavali.

Narakasura was the demon King of Pragjyotishapura. He was harassing all good and pious people. Even the gods suffered at his hands. Krishna went to Pragjyotishapura. He destroyed the formidable fortifications and entered the city. A huge army opposed him. Krishna cut off the head of Narakasura with his 'Chakra' (or the wheel) just as dawn was breaking. So, that day came to be known as Narakachaturdashi. All the land rejoiced. And Krishna set free all the princesses whom Narakasura had thrown into prison.

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