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Yogeshwara Krishna

Krishna's teachings form the Bhagavad- geetha. What he taught he practised all through his life. Every incident in his life is a lesson to the world.

Sanjaya, who narrated the story of the Mahabharatha war, said: "Wherever Krishna, who is Yogeshwara (the Lord of Yoga, that is, vision), and Arjuna, the archer, are present, there surely will be fortune, victory, welfare and morality."

Krishna was born in a prison. Immediately after his birth, he was separated-from his parents. And he died in solitude killed by a hunter's arrow.

As a boy, he killed his uncle Kamsa with his own hands. In extreme old age, when his sons, grandsons, relatives and friends fought among themselves, he let them perish, And all for the sake Dharma.

He dethroned many kings and put others in their places.

But he himself did not- sit on throne even for a day.

Abhimanyu was his darling nephew, But he made no attempt to. save him.

Like the life of any one else, Krishna's life, too, was a mixture of joy and sorrow. And he accepted both unperturbed.

Dharma is more important than any thing and any one. Kings and others in power should live for the good the people. Krishna wiped out those who ignored this principle, and protected Dharma, and the helpless masses. lived and died Sri Krishna - the author of the Geetha, and Yogeshwara.

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 Shri Krishna - Architect of Dharma, matchless hero who gave the world 'Bhagavadgeetha'
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