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The Govardhana Hill

As Krishna grew in age people's respect for him also grew. Whenever a decision had to be taken, even elderly people would say, 'Let us consult Krishna!'

Once in the rainy season the gopalas were making preparations to worship God Indra. To them Indra was the God of rains. Krishna, however, did not like this idea. He felt it was the Govardhana Hill which caused the rains, and he suggested that they should worship the hill. All the others agreed.

Indra was angry that he was not worshipped. He decided to punish the gopalas. The very sky seemed to open and the rains came down in torrents.

People were terrified. Krishna then lifted up the Govardhana Hill, like an umbrella over the people and the cattle. Indra was humbled and stopped the rains.

There are a number of such incidents which bring out the greatness of Krishna. He became the light and the joy of Brindavan. When he played on his flute men, women and children, and the very cattle, were thrilled and forgot the world.

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