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The Ambassador Of the Pandavas

Dharmaraja did not wish to fight for the kingdom. So he said to Krishna, "We must avert a war. So you must negotiate for us. If they are not willing to give half the kingdom, let them at least give five villages." Draupadi was unhappy; if there was no war, how could Duryodhana and his followers be punished for humiliating her? How could she fulfil her vow? The entrails of Dusshasana were to be dug out, Duryodhana's thigh had to be broken, and Karna had to die. She said to Krishna, "Decide in favour of a war. Krishna replied, "Dear. sister, do not weep. Even though I go as a mediator I shall decide only in favour of a war. I can never forget your untied hair. All the wicked and impious people in the world should die together. A kingdom based on Dharma has to be established. For this war is inevitable."

Before calling on Duryodhana Krishna first went to Vidura's house.

Vidura was a member of Duryodhana's court. His mother had been one of the servants of a former queen. But Vidura was a venerable sage. He lived  a pure and righteous life. So he was dear to Krishna. Vidura was overjoyed when Krishna went to his house. Krishna received his hospitality and then went to Duryodhana's court.

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