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At The Guru's Feet

Sandipani was a great and wise sage. Krishna went to him for education. Like the other disciples he also worked in his teacher's house, and learnt in a Spirit of humility. Sandipani was pleased with his earnestness, his modesty and his intelligence. Krishna soon mastered law, military science, political science and other arts and sciences. When 'his education was complete he said to his teacher, "Sir, what shall I give you as Gurudakshina?" (Gurudakshina is the Pupil’s offering to his teacher to express his gratitude.) Sandipani's wife said, "We lost our son in the holy Prabhasa. Bring him back to us." The task seemed impossible, but Krishna did not hesitate. There was a rakshasa by name Panchajanya; he had carried away Sandipani's son while he was bathing in the sea near holy Prabhasa. Krishna defeated Panchajana and returned with the Guru's son. He also brought the conch 'Panchajanya'. Krishna then returned to Mathura.

Kuchela was the classmate of Krishna and Balarama in the ashram of Sandipani Muni. They had been close friends. After his return Kuchela had to live in  utter poverty. His wife and children had to starve.

One day Kuchela's wife said to him, ills not Lord Krishna your classmate? Go to him and seek help."

Kuchela agreed. But how could he go empty-handed to see his old friend? There was nothing in his house except a handful of beaten rice. Kuchela left for Mathura with this gift.

Kuchela was nervous. Krishna hadbecome a very great and important person. Kings came to him for help and were eager to please him. Would he talk to Kuchela?

As soon as Krishna saw Kuchela, he ran forward to receive him. He embraced him and took him into the palace and treated him with great affection.

Kuchela was hesitant to offer the handful of beaten rice. But Krishna grabbed it, ate it and offered it to others, and he praised its taste.

Kuchela spent four days happily in the palace. And he forgot to ask Krishna to relieve his poverty.

By the time he reached home Krishna had sent gold and rich clothes and money to his house. And a splendid mansion was built for Kuchela.

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