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The Darling Child Of Yashoda

So Krishna won the love of every one and proved a born leader. But to Yashoda he was her darling little child. Some times when he was too naughty the gopies complained to Yashoda, and she punished him, too, before his mother he looked like an innocent little child.

There is a very interesting story about the boy Krishna. One day Balarama rushed to Yashoda: he said: "Mother! Krishna is eating mud. His body is all covered with mud and his mouth is full of it." Just then the lovely child came up. His face and body were covered with mud. Yashoda began to question the boy, "You naughty fellow! Haven’t you had enough butter at home? Do you eat mud?"

With a wry face Krishna lisped: "Oh no, mother! Brother is uttering a lie. I have not touched mud at all." Yashoda said angrily, "Enough! Open your mouth." Krishna opened his mouth.

Yashoda looked. She was startled and could only exclaim ‘Ah!’

She did not see mud in Krishna's mouth. But she saw all the worlds! As she looked she was dazed. She was terrified and folded her hands and closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes she saw the laughing little child before her. She forgot all she had seen. She, too, laughed and

Swept the child into her arms. And Krishna laughed as if he knew nothing.

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